Hello \( \LaTeX \)

A learning resource for mathematics teachers.

High school mathematics teachers use a wide variety of digital platforms and technologies to communicate with their students, colleagues, and the broader learning community.

LaTeX (pronounced lay-tech) is a long-established technology that allows you to write portable, professional-quality mathematics and share it with everyone. It can be used to integrate mathematical symbols and notation into a wide variety of documents across many digital platforms.

These pages are structured as a self-paced online workshop that introduces high school mathematics teachers to LaTeX and the many platforms that support its use.

Module 0: What is LaTeX?

LaTeX is a digital typesetting technology used by scientists and mathematicians to create publication-quality documents and precisely formatted mathematics.

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Module 1: Getting Started

Begin writing mathematics with LaTeX using online LaTeX equation editors. Learn how to create nicely formatted mathematics that can be saved as images and inserted into documents that do not have native LaTeX support.

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Module 2: Essential LaTeX Commands

Continue to build your repertoire of LaTeX commands and understanding of LaTeX syntax.

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Module 3: LaTeX on Various Platforms

LaTeX in Google Docs? In Brighspace? On any HTML page? You bet.

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Module 4: Cloud-Based LaTeX Environments

Learn some of the essential LaTeX commands that will help you communicate effectively with anyone across many platforms.

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Module 5: LaTeX as a Digital Literacy

Who can benefit from LaTeX? Well, maybe everybody.

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LaTeX Commands Quiz

Review the commands that you have learned.

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Simple Command Tester

A simple editor for LaTeX commands.

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