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Celtic Knot Editor

Create or randomly generate celtic knots.

Logic Puzzles

Solve some classic logic puzzles, inspired by those found in the work of Raymond M.Smullyan.

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Mathematical Chess Puzzles

A page to attempt solutions to classic chess problems like the 8 queens puzzle.

\(\LaTeX\) 101

A self-paced online course for high school math teachers.

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Polynomial Grid Division

Polynomial grid division calculator and example generator.

Chladni Figures

A page for playing around with chladni-esque figures.

Truchet Tiles

Explore patterns and puzzles using Truchet tiles.

Chess Tours and Puzzles

Generated chessboard path puzzles, including Kixote, Hidato, and Numbrix. The Tourist page provides you with some clues while you find your own knight, king, rook, or queen's tour.

R pages

Some simple examples of solving problems using R.

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Interactive and downloadable Sudoku puzzles.

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