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Chess Domination and Independence

Mathematical Chess Puzzles

A page to try out solutions to classic chess problems, like the 8 queens puzzle.

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A recreational mathematics blog

A place to share some math that I do for fun.

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Polynomial grid division

Dividing polynomials in a table

Generates examples of polynomial division using the grid method. Information about the method can be found on various posts linked to this one

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Some Mandelbrot and Julia set fractals
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Knight Tours

Interactive knight's and king's tour puzzles

Generated puzzles based on knight tours, or kixote, can be found here; generated hidato puzzles, based on kings tours, can be found here. The knightTourist page lets you find your own tour while providing you with some clues for where to move.

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R pages

Some simple examples of solving problems using R.

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Celtic plait motifs

Play with a set of tiles that together make plaits and knots.

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Some Cellular Automata

Life, but not as we know it