Kixote Hidato Numbrix Tourist

Knight Moves

Chess Tourist

When a chess piece has traveled around a chessboard touching every square exactly once, it has complted a "tour" of the board. Your task is to complete a tour on the board below using the selected chess piece.

Your tour has been started on a randomly selected square.

  • The light green squares indicate a legal move. This is based on the type of chess piece you have selected.
  • If show counts is checked, the numbers on each square tell you how many open moves are available from that square.
  • If show hints is checked, the legal moves with the lowest number of move options are highlighted in dark green.

The recommended strategy for building knight tours is to follow the The Warnsdorff heuristic which states that you should always move to a square with the lowest number of available moves from it (the ones in dark green when hints are turned on).