Most students learn how to divide polynomials using the long division method, a process very similar to long division for numbers. A less widely known method is the grid or tabular method, described here and here.

Use this page to experiment with dividing polynomials using the grid method. Your input should be two polynomials - the dividend (numerator) and the divisor (denominator). Once you have provided the polynomials, click the calculate button to obtain the result.

This is not a very sophisticated calculator. Please provide single variable, fully expanded polynomials using the "standard" notation, using the hat (^) symbol to indicate exponents.

For example, 3x^2-x+1 is an example of a well-formed polynomial. Also, please use "x" as the variable name in all calculations.

To see a set of randomly generated examples, click on the Examples button above.

dividend (numerator):

divisor (denominator):